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Albuquerque The Magazine Architects Profile Feature In 1973, a small group of hungry architects came together with a vision to put pencil to draft paper and transform the burgeoning city of Albuquerque—one innovative design idea at a time. They never could have imagined 50 years later, their scrappy little architecture firm (yes, it was FBT […]

Antonio’s career journey has evolved through continual exploration. After ten years at a smaller firm focused on private development, he transitioned to FBT, where he has gained experience with large-scale, public-sector projects and collaborating with larger teams. This move has been crucial in Antonio’s growth as an architect, equipping him with the skills to create […]

As a newly licensed architect, Diana’s journey with FBT has been marked by her unwavering dedication to excellence and her ability to seamlessly integrate innovative solutions into her work. Her story is a testament to the power of combining personal values with professional aspirations. Growing up, Diana’s family gatherings were always filled with a sense […]

Henry’s background on the client side as an educational facilities operator, in-house architect and owner’s representative makes him an invaluable resource for his colleagues in FBT’s Colorado Springs Office. He describes his role at FBT as a mentor. “I provide a perspective as a former client for others to reflect on,” he explains. Henry’s career […]

The Cibola Loop Multi-Generational Center in northwest Albuquerque, designed by FBT Architects, broke ground on May 21, 2024. This 55,000 sf wellness center will feature fitness amenities including a climbing gym, an elevated indoor running track, a gymnasium and multi-use classrooms. Outdoor amenities will include athletic fields, trails and an amphitheater. Designed to meet the […]

The last couple of weeks have been filled with elation, gratitude and excitement as FBT Architects celebrate three groundbreaking ceremonies for projects across the region. These projects, spanning multiple offices and studios, include a wellness center for Taos Pueblo, a middle school for Atlas Prep in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and a meeting house for The Twelfth […]

The long-awaited Valencia County Hospital has finally been awarded! The FBT Architects and Bradbury Stamm design-build partnership was selected to move forward on this project that has been nearly two decades in the making. This 40,000 sf, 15-bed hospital will enhance patient care services in the community, with anticipated completion in spring of 2026. We […]

The Sunport terminal renovation is coming along! The new TSA Checkpoint unveiled December 16, 2023, marked the first major milestone of the Support Concessions, Checkpoint and TSA Renovations. This renovation emphasizes the passenger journey with updates to key spaces to enhance the traveler experience and optimize tenant and TSA operations. The design embraces the Sunport’s […]