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It starts with a vision.Top Patern

It starts with a vision.

About FBT....

Our work tells a story. But it’s not just about us. It’s about our ability to uncover and understand our client’s stories and retell them through extraordinarily imaginative, functional and beautiful spaces. Spaces that connect physically and emotionally and make people feel …“Wow!” It’s what we live for. It’s what we deliver. Because we believe life is too short to feel adequate, fine or even good. Experience more “Wow!” We’ll show you how.

Areas of Practice


More than structures in concrete, glass and steel, architecture is both a passion a science. Once a client’s dream becomes our vision, we bring commitment, creativity and a multi-disciplinary approach to make it a reality. Each project is as unique as its solutions. Our process is driven by the needs of people who will occupy the space, applying today’s technology to create inspiring, high-performance and sustainable spaces.

  • Architecture


Our greatest asset is our ability to listen and understand our clients’ specific needs. We work closely with clients to develop a Program that reflects the nuances of a building’s function including spatial relationships, long-term needs and environmental impact. We translate this into detailed architectural requirements that meet the budget and schedule.

Planning and Urban Design

The best environments spark connections between people and places to enhance the way we work, live and play. We meet these challenges at the intersection of architecture, planning, landscape and culture. Our approach integrates sustainable development, place-making, environmental stewardship and economic viability. We work alongside private and public clients to help make decisions about long-term needs and targeted goals.


Great interior design strikes a balance between beauty and function. More than just style, it enhances the architecture and improves the way people interact, function and feel. Studio M and our interiors team employ a multi-disciplinary approach with a singular focus—to design the right space for each client’s needs. The only limitation is our imagination.

Sustainable Design / LEED

Sustainable design ensures that our actions and decisions today support opportunities for future generations. We design healthy, high-performance buildings that positively affect the people, environment and communities they serve. We focus on minimizing our projects’ demands on power, resources and people, creating resource-efficient, site-enhancing facilities.

Landscape Architecture

We integrate site and building design from the beginning to ensure a cohesive result. Groundwork Studio takes landscape architecture to its full potential through site design coordination, project synthesis, ecological resilience, functionality and site-specific experience. We approach design as a living, breathing, collaborative process, a transformative progression for the design team and stakeholders as well as the project site.

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