FBT Architects

Making Big Moves & Building a Brighter Future

Albuquerque, NM
I’m excited about the opportunity to work in a great space that is designed to respect the 360-degree views of Albuquerque while providing opportunities for maximum staff interaction. Architecture and designing buildings should be fun. This new studio environment should only enhance that and be a place where our people want to be.

Art Tatum, President, Director of Design

Albuquerque The Magazine Architects Profile Feature

In 1973, a small group of hungry architects came together with a vision to put pencil to draft paper and transform the burgeoning city of Albuquerque—one innovative design idea at a time. They never could have imagined 50 years later, their scrappy little architecture firm (yes, it was FBT Architects) would have grown to 60 people, three offices and hundreds of built projects that have elevated the landscape of Albuquerque and the region beyond. While many things may have changed during this time, their original vision remained, and their passion for design only grew with and permeated throughout the firm.

These last few years have been especially rewarding, as FBT has landed some exciting new projects in our own backyard that represent a promising future for the city of Albuquerque and reflect our mission as a firm. With great passion, service and collaborative spirit, we embrace our opportunities to enhance the human experience with every project we design. We are constantly working to revitalize and build a brighter future for our community to enjoy now and into the future. As part of that goal, we are excited to announce we’re moving our headquarters downtown after 11 cherished years at One Park Square. 

We recently sat down with Albuquerque The Magazine as part of their Architects Profiles to reflect on recent growth and open up about this next chapter for FBT. Check out newsstands around town for the July issue, and read the article here >