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Henry’s background on the client side as an educational facilities operator, in-house architect and owner’s representative makes him an invaluable resource for his colleagues in FBT’s Colorado Springs Office. He describes his role at FBT as a mentor. “I provide a perspective as a former client for others to reflect on,” he explains. Henry’s career […]

The Cibola Loop Multi-Generational Center in northwest Albuquerque, designed by FBT Architects, broke ground on May 21, 2024. This 55,000 sf wellness center will feature fitness amenities including a climbing gym, an elevated indoor running track, a gymnasium and multi-use classrooms. Outdoor amenities will include athletic fields, trails and an amphitheater. Designed to meet the […]

As FBT’s Marketing Manager, Allie has a way with communication and organization that stems from years of experience in the field. If she were to describe her role at FBT using a metaphor, it would be “herding sheep,” especially in proposal development. “Putting together a proposal is like putting together a puzzle, but the pieces […]