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Rio Fernando Park Master Plan

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Rio Fernando Park Master Plan

Taos, NM

Groundwork Studio is working with the Taos Land Trust and several multi-disciplinary project partners to develop this master plan, including community engagement facilitation and action through design. The Rio Fernando Park will provide a unique regional resource, demonstrating a diverse community’s capacity to collaboratively create public space that supports thriving interactions between natural and cultural ecosystems.

The park master planning process is occurring simultaneously with an NRPA grant-funded wetlands and river restoration project that will address significant water quality and quantity concerns within the Rio Fernando. Our team is working with a number of riparian habitat specialists to balance planning for river and wetlands access without compromising the river ecosystems’ health and integrity.

The Rio Fernando property represents a valuable intersection of natural riparian habitat and traditional agricultural lands. The master plan will provide opportunities for demonstrating traditional agricultural practices alongside recreation and preservation associated with the property’s acequia and watershed.

The park will provide critical access to prescription trails and other recreational opportunities, building ecological literacy, community wellness, social interaction and creative expression. Integrating citizen science into the park’s design and physical fabric will provide iterative learning and continuous community service through hands-on experience.

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