FBT Architects

Employee Spotlight With Vanessa Garcia

Vanessa Garcia, FBT Architects Vanessa is a licensed architect and joined our team in November 2021 with over 17 years of valuable experience. Her current focus is in our Higher Education Studio, but she is a well-rounded architect with experience designing for office buildings, K-12 education, community centers and nursing homes.

What motivated you to get in this field of work?

I first looked at getting into architecture back in high school. My mom designs residential, and my parents were always interested in renovation and remodeling. It inspired me to sort of follow their footsteps. I took a hand drafting and AutoCAD class in high school, then decided to continue down this path in university. I enjoy the mix of creative and technical aspects of architecture, the progression of a project from conception through building completion, and how the job tasks constantly evolve through that process.

What are your inspirations as an architect?

I find inspiration in my Spanish New Mexican heritage and its traditional architecture. I find inspiration from travel and other cultures, from art and history.

Do you have any advice for aspiring architects?

Ultimately, you need to be interested in helping people. At the end of the day our designs influence how people live their lives. The most important part of this profession is listening to client needs and responding by designing buildings and spaces that address those needs. If you think about it, we have a big impact on a person’s everyday life…where they live, go to school, go to church, where they are when they are sick.