FBT Architects

Reimagining Landscape Architecture

Growing out of FBT Architect’s commitment to multi-disciplined strategic planning, Groundwork Studio is taking on a life of its own in landscape architecture, urban design and planning.

Pop-up playgrounds and trees adorned with oversized info tags, idea pallets and interactive string sculptures—it may all sound like child’s play but, in truth, these are just a few of the innovative tactics Groundwork Studio, brings to the critical strategization and implementation of landscape architecture. “We’re able to deliver on the true potential of landscape architecture, which is bringing designed intent to the physical environments that affect how we relate to ourselves, our community and our world,” says Amy Bell, PLA, ASLA, Groundwork Studio’s founder and principal.

Having overseen 150 projects since first launching in 2014, Groundwork Studio (founded by Bell and FBT Architects, a New Mexico-based architectural firm established in 1973), has grown from one of many architectural services offered by FBT into an award-winning, self-sustaining studio which has realized a 500% increase in staff since 2015. Groundwork’s approach is to create beautiful and functional landscapes that improve environmental and ecological quality as well as the physical and psychological health of the people within them. “From parks to main-street revitalization projects, it’s all about creating a healthy environment that will dynamically support the communities it serves,” says Will Moses, PLA, ASLA, Groundwork’s principal landscape architect.

A new website launched in August, 2018, as well as a few new hires over the course of the year, mark the ongoing growth of Groundwork Studio. Their services include landscape architecture, creative placemaking, and urban design and planning; they know that big ideas require not only calculated risks but a passion and an excitement that stem from collaboration. This is why their impact extends well beyond the execution of a successful contract. Groundwork’s process connects communities, reignites discourse and inspires solutions that remain dynamic long after the landscaping work is done. Their approach nurtures local civic responsibility (stewardship), buoys successful resilient communities and fosters advocacy for everyone and everything involved.

About Groundwork Studio

Groundwork Studio takes landscape architecture to its full potential by recognizing and utilizing site design as a unifying principle. The studio specializes in civic, recreational, and educational environments, facilitating understanding of interconnections through engaging, accessible, and interactive design for all ages. Groundwork Studio approaches design as a living, breathing, collaborative process, a transformative progression for the project team as well as the site. The studio’s active involvement in community organizations and events maximizes their ability to cross-pollinate ideas and make connections across disciplines, fostering authentic and community based solutions. Groundwork Studio is guided by the idea that when we improve our surroundings, we transform ourselves. Visit www.groundworkstudionm.com.

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