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FBT strives to improve the lives of others through its design, and was proud to donate its time and talents to NM Appleseed, a charity focused on improving the lives of the poor and underserved through systematic change. This foundation’s dedication and solution-driven mission to end cycles of poverty in our state led FBT to participate in their Parade of Playhouses event. The friendly competition pairs 10 local architects with 10 builders to design and build unique playhouses for children, raffling them off for charity while simultaneously creating lasting memories and an atmosphere of fun for the youth of New Mexico.

For the 2014 Parade of Playhouses, a company-wide design contest was introduced at the FBT offices, calling on the creativity of all employees to submit their playhouse concepts. Many imaginative sketches and concepts were produced, but in the end it was Julie Lundin’s Rubik’s Cube scheme that was selected as the winner by popular vote. FBT teamed up with Bradbury Stamm to assemble the appropriate materials and allocate sufficient manpower to construct the colorful cube. Thanks to the know-how, generosity and hard work of the FBT team and all our partners, the idea evolved from a sketch on paper to an inspiring real-life design.

Cubix (kid tested, architect approved) is a larger than life Rubik’s Cube that features an interior playroom, climbing course and chalk wall. The exterior boasts a rock climbing section, sliding door and open windows for ventilation and light. Much like a Rubik’s Cube, the Cubix was designed to provide hours of stimulating entertainment.

The cube garnered rave reviews while on display at the Rio Grande Zoo, and was raffled off to Bradbury Stamm at the NM Appleseed’s Gala Auction for $15,000 (the auction raised a grand total of $176,000 for the NM Appleseed organization). Bradbury Stamm then donated it to the Santa Fe Children’s Museum, where it currently resides. The Museum’s Executive Director Shannon Roberts was impressed by the attention Cubix grabbed; “It is so large and colorful, we’ve literally already had friends of the museum see something from the road and pull in to have a sneak peek at the playhouse.”

To see the impact NM Appleseed has on the lives of those less fortunate in New Mexico, please click here. Feel free to visit Cubix at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum, where its design continues to inspire.


Thank you to all of our partners who helped bring this concept to life: Bradbury Stamm, Pace Iron Works, DKG & Associates, Albuquerque Reprographics, American Fence Company, Century Sign Builders, F&R Painting, Majestic Construction, Ray’s Flooring, STOCK Building Supply, Stone Age Climbing Gym and Studio M.

See you next year!