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Guadalupe Village

Lubbock, TX

The goal for Guadalupe Village is to create an identity for the historic Guadalupe neighborhood and integrate it with, and support, the neighboring downtown Lubbock redevelopment efforts. FBT, David Driskill and Texas Tech’s Urban Tech are working with the North East Lubbock Community Development Corporation, the City of Lubbock and private sector to develop concepts for this important site located at Buddy Holly Avenue and Marsha Sharpe Freeway.

Guadalupe Village promises to be a resource beyond its immediate neighborhood and an example of sustainable development. An appropriate mix of garden homes, apartments, retail and community space form a link between downtown Lubbock and the historic Guadalupe Neighborhood. Garden homes provide a buffer between existing single-family homes and the apartment/retail cluster. Soccer fields provide park space for the community and the retail space provides much-needed services including a neighborhood grocery. Negative space in the form of land under the Marsha Sharpe Freeway is used as parking for the retail and restaurants spaces. Permeable surfaces are used whenever possible including a percentage of the parking. Mixed-use provides an environment where live, work and play are possible within a ¼ mile radius. Ground source geothermal energy will be tapped for heating and air conditioning systems and the apartment units are to be solar-ready. The site is to be xeriscaped with water collection wherever possible. Materials for construction will be chosen that embody a small carbon footprint such as clay masonry. The structures are placed on the site to maximize solar orientation.

*David Driskill began this project prior to joining FBT Architects through his role as Director of Texas Tech’s Urban Tech, the downtown studio for the College of Architecture.

  • 12 acres private
  • 2 acres public parking
  • Urban planning
  • Garden homes
  • Apartments
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Recreational fields