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Downtown Lubbock Mixed-Use Project

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Downtown Lubbock Mixed-Use Project

Lubbock, TX

Adaptive Reuse

The Kimmel Building has multiple opportunities for adaptive reuse. Evaluation of existing structures and their adaptability for reuse is a central part of downtown redevelopment. Reusing existing structures is a sustainable practice through the reuse of materials, avoiding tons of waste. Daylighting and natural ventilation are often embedded with the design.


Transportation Overlay

4th and Ave J & TTU Connection represent work with the Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization. A charette was held for public input and comment to develop the update of the Bicycle Plan for Central Lubbock. The 4th and Avenue J bicycle path connects downtown to the Guadalupe neighborhood and the Canyon Lakes.


Urban Centers

Guadalupe Village is a neighborhood redevelopment project.

David Driskill began this project prior to joining FBT Architects through his role as Director of Texas Tech’s Urban Tech, the downtown studio for the College of Architecture.

  • Urban planning
  • Apartments
  • Retail
  • Restaurants