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CNM Community College Culinary & Brewing Facility

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CNM Community College Culinary & Brewing Facility

Albuquerque, NM

To meet the workforce demands of the burgeoning food truck and micro-brewery industries in New Mexico, CNM is expanding their Culinary Arts, Brewing & Beverage Management and Hospitality Management programs. This addition and renovation project includes culinary and brewing labs, a distilling space, event space, tasting classroom with bar, food and beverage storage, theory classroom, food and beverage science lab classroom and faculty offices. The new facility will allow CNM to satisfy the growing enrollment in their existing programs and add new certificate and degree programs in Brewing and Beverage Management.

The project renovates the RPM Building’s former bookstore area and adds approximately 7,000 sf to support program growth. Redefining the entrance and wayfinding will strengthen the building’s identity and support community outreach goals.