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W.D. Gattis Middle School

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W.D. Gattis Middle School

Clovis, NM

With the addition of WD Gattis Middle School, Clovis Municipal Schools was able to change their district-wide organization from grades K-6 in elementary and 7-8 in middle school to a more favorable middle school grade span of 6-8. The new 135,000 sf facility provides a state-of-the-art learning environment for students and acts as an anchor for new developments in the growing northwest Clovis.

W.D. Gattis Middle School was completed on time and under budget.

Small Learning Communities

The Facilities design for the 135,000 sf WD Gattis is the Small Learning Community (SLC) concept, delivering the promise of a small-school environment on a larger-school campus. The SLC design solution clusters classrooms into unique, separate teams while providing collaborative space for students and staff. Each SLC includes administration, counseling, and computer/media services as well as large gathering areas to accommodate the entire student population of that individual school, allowing true community to develop. The integration of smaller administrative units into each team clearly established the team as the core academic unit of the school and increased students’ sense of team ownership and identity.

The Design

To design the facility all under one roof and maximize usable space as allowed within the State Adequacy Standards was a challenge for the design team. Responding to the site, a central courtyard was created between the main building and classroom wing for outdoor learning and protection from the elements. Natural light is incorporated in all learning spaces and high-volume public areas protected with solar controlling shade devices. The Facility will also serve the Clovis community for indoor and outdoor recreation and allowing access by local organizations. The main street of the facility is designed to restrict access to the entire campus while the public spaces are in use during the evenings and weekends.

  • 135,000 sf
  • Architecture
  • FF&E
  • Energy Star
  • Small Learning Communities
  • Main & auxiliary gyms
  • Community access to indoor/outdoor recreation functions
  • Kitchen & cafeteria function as a student commons
  • Program functions similar to Pre K-8 Model
  • 2013 K-12 Merit Award, NAIOP-NM Awards of Excellence
  • 2014 Best Building Runner Up, Association of General Contractors, NM