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Moriarty Middle School

Moriarty, NM

Moriarty Middle School is a replacement/renovation school serving 7th and 8th on an existing campus. In addition to the condition of the existing buildings, the aging campus didn’t function well for the middle school, due in large part to its original design as an elementary. With the district’s goal of a modern 21st Century School, FBT conducted feasibility studies to provide as many options as possible for the improvements.

Connecting students and staff to the outside and creating a healthy and inspiring learning environment was the central focus for the school’s layout. Natural light and views of the central courtyard are integrated throughout the building. Additionally, the school’s desire to separate the grade levels influenced the design by creating two core classroom wings, with breakout spaces for collaborative learning. The architectural expression is driven by durable material choices and sloped-metal roofs in response to the occasionally severe winter climate.

  • 49,500 sf new
  • 22,725 sf renovation
  • Feasibility/Utilization Studies
  • Educational Specifications
  • Architecture
  • Interiors
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Procurement
  • Renovation/Replacement School
  • 21st Century School