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Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School

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Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School

Albuquerque, NM

Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School, catering to 700 students in grades 6-12, has undergone significant improvements to accommodate its growing enrollment and transform into a 21st century learning environment. The 24,300 sf addition introduces a classroom wing, a black-box theater and a high school competition gymnasium. A new health center also addresses student well-being in a  post pandemic world.

The design strategy focused on enhancing the campus character with a blend of brick, metal and stucco exterior elements. Site enhancements include the addition of physical education playgrounds, outdoor learning spaces, protected pedestrian pathways and plazas for diverse student activities.

The existing library and media center renovation transforms the space, into a light-filled academic environment with adaptable furniture to facilitate group and interactive learning. With over 30,000 sf of existing building re-roofed, the project incorporates energy-efficient solutions such as new HVAC and LED lighting in the renovated areas. The design enhances functionality with a compact layout of standardized classrooms.

The future second phase will renovate the entire 45,000 sf building to include right-sized classrooms, new building systems and a new student drop-off area.

  • Renovation: 5,000 sf
  • Addition: 24,000 sf
  • Architecture
  • Programming
  • Interior Design
  • Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Classrooms
  • Black-box Theater
  • Health Center
  • Gymnasium
  • Playgrounds
  • Outdoor Learning Spaces
  • Collaborative Spaces