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UNM Health Sciences Center Master Plan

Albuquerque, NM

The Master Plan update presented a generational opportunity to refocus the trajectory of the institution’s nationally recognized role as New Mexico’s leader in providing health care for its uniquely diverse population. The FBT+HDR team worked closely with UNM HSC to articulate a vision for the campus that is grounded in UNM HSC’s tri-part mission–integrating education, research and clinical components.

The 2020 Update assessed campus land-use, replacing or repurposing obsolete facilities, current and future infrastructure needs and financial feasibility over a 30-year timeframe.

The team employed a three-part methodology of collect/analyze/synthesize to uncover key issues and set the stage for deeper digging. Our process focused on clear objectives, data analyses, forecasting, needs assessment, facility development identification and prioritization. We worked closely with the UNM HSC steering committee and stakeholders, including more than 51 user group meetings and over 242 participants to build consensus and understand the existing function of the campus and its relationship to the surrounding landscape, neighborhoods, traffic patterns and infrastructure.

The plan integrates multiple sites across the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho metro area and includes mixed-use, retail and housing that support and enhance UNM HSC’s clinical, research and educational functions. Moving beyond an aspirational vision, the plan lays out realistic steps towards achieving a unified campus with regionally appropriate, distinct character zones. The Plan creates a flexible framework for change in the long term and incorporates projected demographic shifts, new technology and evolving market conditions. It will serve as a ‘road map’ to guide facility development, direction and objectives in support of the Strategic and Business Master Plans.

Assessments, analysis and solutions for:

  • Consensus building
  • Buildings and infrastructure
  • Traffic and transit circulation
  • Parking amount/accessibility
  • Walkability
  • Landscape design for health and wellness
  • Shared open space
  • Neighborhood synergy
  • Campus unification
  • Retail and mixed-use zones
  • Master Planning, Facility Assessment, Community Engagement
  • North Campus - 280 Acres
  • Rio Rancho Campus - 195 Acres