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UNM Hospitals Cardiac Cath Lab

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UNM Hospitals Cardiac Cath Lab

Albuquerque, NM

The new Cardiac Cath Lab is situated in the previous Critical Care Wing of the University of New Mexico Hospital. Housing the most advanced cardiology equipment in the state, the procedure rooms are centrally located allowing for quick and easy access to serve emergent patients. This includes two single plane rooms used to diagnose and treat coronary complications and a centralized nurse station allowing constant supervision of recovering patients. To allow doctors and patients more privacy, the control room is situated on the east side of the procedure rooms. The warm color palette and utilization of existing windows and views to flood the unit with natural daylight creates a healing and professional environment for the patients and staff.

Design Challenges

Working within the long and narrow existing space posed many design and construction challenges throughout the project that involved immense coordination with the design team, the contractor, the subcontractors and the users. The cardiac equipment has strict design and technical guidelines that needed to be addressed and maintained in order for the equipment to function properly. This required a full assessment of the existing space, the users function within the space and close coordination with the contractor and medical equipment vendor during construction.

  • 10,815 sf
  • Architecture
  • Master planning
  • Programming
  • Centrally located procedure rooms
  • Continuous Control room
  • Nurse Stations allowing constant supervision