FBT Architects


Jared Larsen, CPD, NCARB


Jared loves that architecture spans numerous fields of expertise and his diverse interests. He is a firm believer that an architect is a better architect if he is a good fisherman, an outdoorsman, understands and appreciates technology, has traveled the world, knows how to ride a motorcycle, plays a musical instrument… Jared has a deep understanding of project management and construction document development and works primarily in the Healthcare and Commercial design studios. He is also FBT’s IT wiz, answering everyone’s technology questions and keeping our computers, software and systems in top shape.

  • Education:

    Master of Architecture, University of New Mexico
    Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, University of New Mexico
    Associate of Science, Dixie College

  • Professional Credentials:

    Registered Architect: New Mexico
    Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Certified (CPTED)