FBT Architects


Garret Schultz

Intern Architect

Garret has a background in construction and fabrication and is fascinated by the intricacy of architectural assemblies used to shape the built environment. His experience from the Fabrication Lab while at the University of New Mexico has allowed him to develop a broad range of skills including woodworking, digital modeling, digital fabrication and scale model building. Garret’s creativity is driven by his attention to detail within his work. He approaches every design problem like an opportunity to think outside the box. When Garret isn’t in the office, he’s probably at a golf course working on his game or spending quality time with his family.

  • Education:

    Master of Architecture, University of New Mexico
    Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, University of New Mexico

  • Professional Credentials:

    National Honor Society in Architecture and Allied Arts accredited by the Association of College Honor Societies