FBT Architects

FBT Architects Builds Strong Relationships

Reprinted from Albuquerque Journal, “Top Workplaces 2015”
by Richard Metcalf

Top Work Places 2015

FBT Architects’ imprint on the cityscape of Albuquerque and beyond is a testament to more than 40 years of successful collaboration with clients to build environments where people learn and work.

Education and commercial buildings have been the design firm’s bread and butter since it was founded in 1973 by the now-retired Bill Fanning. The firm’s managing partners whose last names complete the abbreviated FBT name are Chris Bard and Arthur Tatum.

A multi-disciplinary approach is a key element to a successful architecture project at FBT Architects, thus putting an emphasis on successful collaborations between both staff members and others involved in a project.

“Ours is a culture of cooperation, collaboration and respect,” Bard said. “There’s an incredible amount of strength in sharing.

“Everybody in this firm is talented. Creating relationships founded on trust allows that talent to move forward. We thrive because we allow people to thrive in their unique ability.”

One FBT employee surveyed for TopWorkplaces said the company’s overall culture “is one that pushes each of us to do our best while still keeping us happy and rewarded.”

Based in Albuquerque with an office in Lubbock, FBT has 45 employees of whom 30 are featured on the company website with a photo and bio as a way to recognize staff and, for clients, to put a face to a name.

— Richard Metcalf