Groundwork Studio is HiringGroundwork Studio is offering a full-time position to a highly motivated landscape architect/landscape designer. Our goal is to take planning and landscape architecture to their full potential through effective, dynamic and fun public engagement; data collection, analysis and synthesis; and functional and joyful expression of place. We approach planning and design as a living, breathing, collaborative process, a transformative progression for our team as well as the project site and client. We have clients throughout New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. If you would like to be part of our team, we invite you to submit a cover letter, resume, and portfolio for consideration to Will Moses at

Basic duties include, but are not limited to, production of construction documents, presentation graphics, attending public meetings, meeting with clients, developing project schedules and contracts, and development of planning documents. Duties may extend to construction administration depending on experience.

We will be accepting applications through October 9, 2020. We’d like to hear from you! See full description here – GW LA Job Description. Email resume to

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